Applying for ACQ Accreditation

Step #1

Download and review the ABA Accreditation Program Standards and Guide

Request a free copy of ACQ’s Applied Behavior Analysis Accreditation Program Standards and Guide by filling out the form on this website.

Step #2

Self-evaluate Your Organization in the context of the ABA Accreditation Program Standards

Evaluate ACQ’s Standards in the context of your organization. If you believe your organization meets the standards and is ready to apply for accreditation move onto the next step. If not, hopefully the standards and guide will provide you with some ideas for improving your operation to help you prepare.

Step #3

Contact ACQ to Schedule a meeting with a Representative to discuss the Accreditation Process

Use the contact page on our website to send your availability and request a meeting with one of our representatives. During the meeting we’ll examine your organization’s fit with ACQ accreditation, review and answer questions about the accreditation process, and gather information about your organization so we can provide you with a quote to apply for accreditation.

Step #4

Register an account on the ACQ Portal and share information about your Organization

Use the registration code provided by an ACQ Representative to register an account for your Organization on the ACQ Portal. Once your account is registered, you’ll be asked to share some basic information about your Organization.

Step #5

Sign the ACQ Accreditation Agreement and Business Associate Agreement

ACQ will send you an accreditation agreement and business associate agreement (BAA) for you to sign. You may also request to use your own BAA if you prefer. The accreditation agreement will outline the policies around ACQ accreditation and include the price for applying for ACQ accreditation.

Step #6

Submit Payment for the Accreditation Application via the secure ACQ online portal

After the contracts are signed, ACQ will set up a payment for the accreditation application in our secure portal. Once payment is complete, you will have full access to the portal and the accreditation review process will begin. This interactive process includes a desktop review, leadership interviews, clinical observations, and stakeholder surveys.