The Organization shall hire Clinical Leaders who:

  1. Oversee ABA services at each location and at the executive level;
  2. Only oversee and use empirically supported ABA clinical practices that fall within their scope of competence;
  3. Are assigned the following baseline responsibilities:
    1. Implement quality assurance programs,
    2. Oversee service development and delivery,
    3. Supervise and provide feedback to direct reports,
    4. Coordinate care including caregiver support services,
    5. Provide mentorship and staff development opportunities,
    6. Participate in development and research activities when available,
    7. Maintain and seek out credentials and training relevant to the position,
    8. Ensure regulatory compliance with policies and procedures, and
    9. Guide the development of policies and procedures to ensure alignment between clinical best practices and operational decisions; and
  4. At a minimum have a Licensed Behavior Analyst credential or equivalent graduate-level credential in good standing for a minimum of 3 years post-credential experience providing, supervising, or administering ABA services to patients with ASD.