The Organization shall hire Behavior Analysts who:

  1. Only oversee and use empirically supported ABA clinical practices that fall within their scope of competence;
  2. Are assigned the following baseline responsibilities:
    1. Summarize and analyze data,
    2. Evaluate and report patient progress towards treatment goals,
    3. Supervise implementation of treatment,
    4. Adjust treatment protocols based on data,
    5. Monitor treatment integrity,
    6. Train and consult with caregivers and other professionals,
    7. Ensure compliance with risk management and crisis management protocols,
    8. Ensure satisfactory implementation of treatment protocols,
    9. Develop and oversee transition/discharge plans,
    10. Document provision of services,
    11. Act in accordance with all applicable ethical codes of conduct, and
    12. Comply with applicable supervision standards, including documentation, when applicable; and
  3. At a minimum, have:
    1. A Licensed Behavior Analyst credential in good standing;
    2. An equivalent ABA graduate-level credential in good standing; or
    3. Appropriate qualifications to independently practice ABA as specified by applicable regulations.