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Frequently Asked Questions2022-06-13T23:48:23-04:00
What is accreditation?2022-06-11T17:50:47-04:00

Accreditation is an ongoing formal, independent verification that a program, organization, or institution meets established quality standards set by an independent body.

Why does accreditation of applied behavior analysis (ABA) service organizations matter?2022-06-11T17:50:37-04:00

Accreditation matters because individuals and families impacted by autism deserve access to the highest level of care to help them reach their full potential and there is far too much variability in the quality of applied behavior analysis (ABA) services currently available.

How does accreditation differ from certification and licensure?2022-06-11T17:50:08-04:00

In the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA), individual professionals become certified and licensed, whereas organizations and institutions become accredited. For example, many ABA providers hold a certification credential from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board® (BACB®) and may also hold a license to practice ABA from a state licensure board. Likewise, some higher education training programs are accredited by the Association for Behavior Analysis International® (ABAI®) and service organizations offering ABA services to individuals with autism may choose to pursue accreditation with the Autism Commission on Quality (ACQ).

What is the Autism Commission on Quality (ACQ)?2022-06-11T17:49:56-04:00

ACQ is a mission-driven non-profit accreditation body for organizations offering applied behavior analysis services to individuals and families impacted by autism. Our mission is to continuously improve the impact of applied behavior analysis services for the autism community through education and accreditation of provider organizations.

What is ACQ’s relationship with the Council of Autism Service Providers (CASP)?2022-06-20T16:25:02-04:00

The Council of Autism Service Providers (CASP) is a known and trusted trade association representing over 300 provider organizations serving around 100,000 individuals with autism. ACQ is proudly supported by CASP, however, all essential accreditation decisions are handled independently from CASP. No single organization, including CASP, is permitted to have majority control over the Standards, Accreditation, and Appeals Committees that form ACQ.

Why did CASP establish ACQ?2022-06-11T17:51:29-04:00

CASP’s establishment of ACQ is a natural extension of its previous and current work ensuring access to quality ABA services and resources by publishing guidelines and standards, engaging in advocacy on behalf of ABA providers, and offering trainings on a multitude of relevant and timely topics to the community. CASP established ACQ because it identified the need for a community-supported, mission-driven, non-profit accreditation program.

Why is it important that ACQ is a non-profit accreditation program?2022-06-17T20:16:38-04:00

ACQ is a mission-driven nonprofit accreditation body backed by a known and trusted entity. ACQ’s accreditation standards belong to the community it serves and are not owned by private individuals or groups. ACQ’s nonprofit status aligns with its commitment to transparency, especially as it relates to the financial support it receives.

Why pursue accreditation with ACQ?2022-06-20T12:40:30-04:00

ACQ accreditation is designed for autism service providers who recognize the benefits of accreditation for their organization and for the field. In other words, organizations concerned about the status quo who wish to join a community dedicated to continuous quality improvement of ABA services for all patients with autism receiving ABA services.

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