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Standard 3.05 – Service Authorizations


The Organization shall: Receive and document preauthorization from payers prior to starting services when

Standard 3.05 – Service Authorizations2022-06-12T12:57:20-04:00

Standard 3.04 – Patient Payments


The Organization shall: Take reasonable steps to collect coinsurance, copays and deductibles for clinical

Standard 3.04 – Patient Payments2022-06-12T12:56:49-04:00

Standard 3.03 – Fee Disclosure


The Organization shall: Only bill for services rendered; Disclose applicable cost-sharing responsibilities, including when

Standard 3.03 – Fee Disclosure2022-06-12T12:56:15-04:00

Standard 3.02 – Fee Schedule


The Organization shall: Document the value of its services in its fee schedule; Document

Standard 3.02 – Fee Schedule2022-06-12T12:55:42-04:00
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