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Standard 6.11 – Telehealth


If applicable, the Organization shall: Implement telehealth virtual care protocols designed to mitigate risks

Standard 6.11 – Telehealth2022-06-12T13:13:44-04:00

Standard 6.10 – Treatment Utilization


The Organization shall: Utilize recommended treatment hours for each patient barring unforeseen complications or

Standard 6.10 – Treatment Utilization2022-06-12T13:13:22-04:00

Standard 6.09 – Coordination of Care


The Organization shall: Take reasonable steps to participate in coordination of care activities for

Standard 6.09 – Coordination of Care2022-06-12T13:12:56-04:00

Standard 6.08 – Active Treatment


The Organization shall: Only offer ABA services that align with generally accepted professional standards;

Standard 6.08 – Active Treatment2022-06-12T13:12:31-04:00

Standard 6.07 – Service Settings


The Organization shall: Deliver services in settings that support progress towards treatment goals and

Standard 6.07 – Service Settings2022-06-12T13:12:05-04:00

Standard 6.06 – Treatment Planning


The Organization shall: Create individualized treatment plans informed by clinical assessment results; Select treatment

Standard 6.06 – Treatment Planning2022-06-12T13:11:40-04:00

Standard 6.04 – Patient Intake


The Organization shall use a standard intake packet to collect and provide relevant information

Standard 6.04 – Patient Intake2022-06-12T13:10:48-04:00
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