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Standard 8.03 – Clinical Outcomes


The Organization shall use evidence-based, developmentally appropriate assessments that align with its stated program

Standard 8.03 – Clinical Outcomes2022-06-12T13:18:04-04:00

Standard 8.02 – Quality Management


The Organization shall: Implement and maintain a quality assurance program engaged in ongoing measurement,

Standard 8.02 – Quality Management2022-06-12T13:17:25-04:00

Standard 7.03 – Patient Consent


The Organization shall secure written consent from patients or their legal guardians prior to

Standard 7.03 – Patient Consent2022-06-12T13:15:51-04:00

Standard 7.02 – Patient Handbook


The Organization shall publish, update, and share a Patient Handbook or patient packet with

Standard 7.02 – Patient Handbook2022-06-12T13:15:16-04:00
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