The Autism Commission on Quality (ACQ) announced today that it is launching its new accreditation program for provider organizations offering applied behavior analysis services to individuals with autism spectrum disorders. After a year of standards development, a public comment period, and a beta test cycle, the Applied Behavior Analysis Accreditation Program is now open to accept applications.

“ACQ is made up of dedicated experts and stakeholders in the field of ABA, who have carefully vetted each standard over the past year. The new accreditation program should establish key quality benchmarks for the ABA industry,” notes Eric Larsson Ph.D. LP BCBA-D, Chair of the ACQ Standards Committee and Executive Director of Clinical Services at Lovaas Institute Midwest. “The new accreditation program is carefully calibrated to provide key feedback loops to each applicant along with a meaningful assessment process to ensure quality-based performance.”

“ACQ is now open for business and interested parties should reach out to learn more about how to apply,” adds Erick Dubuque, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA (KY), ACQ’s Director, who was appointed earlier this year. “ACQ’s accreditation review process is made up of several parts including a combination of desktop and virtual audits – along with direct clinical observations and completion of satisfaction surveys. ACQ has also launched an innovative accreditation portal to optimize the review process.”

“A lot of time and energy has been put into drafting and tweaking the Standards as a foundational pillar to a robust accreditation review process,” comments Eileen M Mendes, Vice-Chair, ACQ Standards Committee and Vice President of Compliance and Quality at Autism Care Partners. “I am confident that every applicant that goes through the ACQ review process will make improvements in its business and clinical operations.”

ACQ’s Applied Behavior Analysis Accreditation Program Standards and Guide, v1.0 is available for free on its website ( These Standards cover the following areas:

  • Section 1: Business Operations
  • Section 2: Human Resources
  • Section 3: Financial Operations
  • Section 4: Risk Management
  • Section 5: Clinical Personnel
  • Section 6: Clinical Operations
  • Section 7: Patient Protections
  • Section 8: Quality Assurance
  • Section 9: Ethics

For more information about ACQ’s new Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Accreditation Program, visit If you would like to learn more about the Autism Commission on Quality or are interested in learning more about how to apply, contact ACQ at or call (502) 230-9020.


About Autism Commission on Quality (ACQ) (

The Autism Commission on Quality (ACQ) is a nonprofit accreditation agency that recognizes applied behavior analysis organizations serving individuals and families impacted by autism. ACQ’s mission is to continuously improve the impact of applied behavior analysis services for the autism community through education and accreditation of provider organizations. Our vision is for all recipients of applied behavior analysis services to reach their full potential through access to organizations offering the highest level of care.